Travel and Tourism

3D tours give customers an immersive experience into the heritage, culture, flora & fauna of the surrounding destination of travel. Customers experience the topography, sounds and sights of nature as if they are already there. A 360 walkthrough of the actual tourist destination increases the confidence of the customer increasing the number of tour reservations. Aerial shots give a clear descriptive understanding of the surrounding locality. Advertising tourist destinations on social media or on any online platform gets a lot easier with Google street and 360 view images.

Corporate & Social Events

Be it a business dinner, product launch or a seminar no corporate event can be complete without photos. Similarly, Social events like religious, marriage and various types of get-together can be covered exhaustively with innovative photography. The evolution of technology has caused the world of photography to evolve and now enables to stream the event live thus enabling those not in the event location to enjoy the event as if they were there.
Promoting your business just got easier. Upload high quality 2D/3D photos on your company website which displays your product in a 3D model bringing it to life. Engaging customers to a more realistic experience.


The hospitality industry serves a plethora of purposes apart from providing relaxing, luxurious holidays to its customers. Businesses hold their conferences, Corporates conduct training for their employees. The use of virtual reality is not an option but a compulsion for the hospitality industry. Virtual reality gives the customer the crystal-clear view of what the venue looks like without physically being present. Virtual tours of the Hotel locations, rooms, reception area, lobby, inhouse coffee café, gym etc. makes it more engaging and helps the customer to choose the right location amidst plenty of options.

Real Estate

Customers always visit a property first before deciding to purchase or rent it. This can be a very time-consuming and lengthy process. If a customer visits a property, he may not like it and needs to visit another. Often this irritates and tires the person. Virtual 360 tours, however, change the game completely both for the realtor as well as the customer. Wearing a virtual headset gives the customer an immersive tour of how the property would exactly feel like if he was present in the property in person.


The Manufacturing industry makes use of 360 images to showcase the equipment used in manufacturing. The efficiency of design is one huge benefit from VR technology to the manufacturing industry. In the design phase itself a lot of errors can be corrected; variety can be introduced for the same product. The use of aerial images gives appropriate measurements of the land under construction. The BPO industry uses virtual tours to showcase its infrastructure, mode of operations to its clients.

Health & Wellness

The world of VR is being used across a variety of industries Health & Wellness being no exception. Medical professionals now use VR to assist in patient’s therapy. Doctors use VR to get a tour of the surgery rooms, at other times by usage of robot’s doctors perform surgery’s in the virtual world. Data insights of the photos related to the medical situation of the patient. Virtual reality is used to get a better understanding of the medical facilities and infrastructure.