Travel and Tourism

Customers can take 3D tours to have a more in-depth understanding of the history, culture, vegetation, and fauna of the area. With VR they feel as though they are physically present while experiencing the geography, sounds, and beauty of nature. In hospitality a 360° tour of a property & nearby tourist attraction boosts client confidence and improves the room bookings. Aerial photographs providing a bird eye perspective attraction and of the surrounding area temps a tourist to decide and book the tour.


Social Events

No corporate event, whether it be a seminar, business dinner, or product launch, is complete without quality images. Similarly, now social occasions like weddings and other forms of get-togethers can be completely documented through inventive photography and rendered on VR. With technological advancements it is now possible to stream live events so that people who cannot physically attend them may nevertheless enjoy them as if they were with TellMe VR.

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For the hospitality sector, experience is the buzz word. By using virtual reality, the customer can experience the property to get a clear picture of not only the property but also the nearby locations without actually being there. Virtual tours of the hotel’s facilities, including its location, rooms, reception area, lobby, on-site coffee shop, gym, etc., make it more appealing and aid customers in expediting the selection among several alternatives.

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Real Estate

On site Photography, both surface and aerial, 3D rendering of Auto Cad drawings of project in progress and a virtual 360-degree tours fundamentally alter the game for both the realtor and the client. The customer gets an immersive tour of the property as if he were physically present there by donning a virtual reality headset.

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Capturing your manufacturing process in 360° photography for process improvement and training is now facilitated the latest in Photography and editing. Aerial photography can be used to provide an overview of the site, factory, facilities and processes   to show clients and use in trade fares and expositions.

Health & Wellness

High Resolution photography and the use of VR is widespread to show case the Hospitals, wellness center etc. in detail with all its facilities and processes to generate customer confidence.

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