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TellMe Digiinfotech is an award-winning start-up creating stunning media content in Experiential Photography and Virtual reality. In Geo Spatial Data we provide holistic data services for you to grow your business with the power of technology!

Experiential Photography

150 TB of High Resolution Media

200+ Documentaries, films, short films created. 

Virtual Reality

20,000+ 360° Images and Videos created. 

20+ VR 360° 3D documentaries created.

Geo Spatial Data

10 Million+ Geo Spatial, Hyper Local Data.

Locations covered Pan India.

Software Development Solutions

Custom Softwares, websites and apps created for various industries.


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High Resolution Media

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360° Panaromic images created.

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Documentaries, films, short films, and 360° 3D VR films created, covering a wide genre of Travel Tourism, Adventure, Spirituality, Heritage, and Trade exhibitions.

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Ten million Geo-Spatial Data

Learn how we work with Geo Spatial Data and provide business intelligence.


Tourist points of Attractions across India are covered in standard HD video, 360° Panorama, and Aerial/Drone photography.

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What sets us apart?

We’re all about creating magic, whether it’s crafting immersive Virtual Reality (VR) content, providing business intelligence using geospatial data, or tailoring customized software that goes far beyond the usual websites and domains.

We’re a team of passionate professionals who specialize in Experiential Photography, Digital Content Creation, and large-scale Geo-Spatial Data for Business Intelligence.

At TellMe, we’re on a mission to make your software dreams a reality. Our dedicated team ensures that your software doesn’t just exist – it evolves to meet your specific business needs. Get ready to boost your online presence, enhance user experiences, and unlock new horizons with data-driven strategies.

But there’s more! Our Data Division offers a thrilling ride through comprehensive Hyperlocal data coverage across India. Think of appropriate data for business decisions like expansion planning, logistics, and the secrets to targeted marketing success. Dive into data-driven decision-making with our insights services and transform your strategies.

With TellMe, you’re in the Media & Data Revolution!


We cater our services to the following sectors


Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Customers today prefer to explore before undertaking the tour. With TellMe, one can take a 3D tour to have a more in-depth understanding of the area's history, culture, vegetation, and fauna. With VR they feel as though they are physically present while experiencing the point of attraction. In hospitality, an Experiential HD video / 360° tour of a property & nearby tourist attraction boosts guest confidence and improves room bookings. Aerial photographs adding a birds-eye perspective of the attraction and surrounding area tempt a tourist to decide and book the tour.



Revolutionize your industry narrative with our 3D 360° VR videos, showcasing manufacturing prowess in an immersive manner. Ideal for business presentations and exhibitions, our well-researched approach highlights processes, technology, and capabilities. From production lines to cutting-edge technologies, redefine how you present your potential. Captivate your clients and partners with a comprehensive, engaging, and visually compelling story of your manufacturing excellence.


Health, Wellness & Elderly Care

Utilize high-resolution photography and VR to showcase hospitals and wellness centers, instilling customer confidence. We also provide Virtual Reality Tours to engage Sr.Citizens and assist in Elderly Care, offering experiences that enhance well-being, alleviate boredom, and effective in Pain Management. VR-enabled tourism for the elderly provides adventure, cultural enrichment, and immersive exploration, transcending physical and financial limitations for an enriching real-life experience.



Revolutionize education with our immersive VR/AR field trips. Transport students beyond the classroom for unparalleled learning experiences be it History, Geography or General Knowledge. Enrich curriculum with virtual journeys, enhancing understanding and high retention. Foster a love for exploration, making education exciting and impactful. Elevate your institution's teaching process and inspire a new era of learning with our engaging and innovative VR/AR-based solutions.



Empower your business with the fusion of Data and cutting-edge Software Development as a Service (SDaaS). Access invaluable marketing insights and data, shaping strategic decisions. Integrate VR and experiential media for innovative customer-centric solutions, that keep your business agile and competitive in the rapidly evolving market. Stay ahead, leveraging the power of data and experiential media for sustained growth and innovation.

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Elevate marketing strategy with Geo-Spatial Data Services, gaining precise insights for targeted campaigns. Our Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) transforms operations, delivering innovative solutions for streamlined processes and heightened efficiency in a dynamic market. Stay ahead with data-driven decisions and cutting-edge technology, ensuring sustained success and growth in an ever-evolving economic landscape.

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We, at TellMe have gone above and beyond to get to you the best of tourist hotspots that our country has to offer. 4K, HD, 360°, 3D surface or aerial; you name it, we have it!

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