Aerial Photography

Capturing Bird Eye view through drone photography

Birds Eye View

In some cases, it is important to have an aerial view not just a surface view. In other words, a view from a highly elevated platform using drones. An aerial view gives a much clearer description of the bigger picture.
The hospitality industry in particular could use aerial view to their advantage. Allowing customers to know about the location, surroundings and ambience of the hotel. The lush, sprawling lawns around the hotel along with rustic beauty of nature or the buzzing commercial district. The availability of modern infrastructure to make the stay of the customer comfortable and luxurious is all visible in the airborne photos. This leaves a lasting impact on the mind of the customer as opposed to simply showing customers photos of rooms and lobby halls.

The construction industry also stands to gain highly by the use of drone survey and footages. Before starting the construction of a property, bridge or road. These photos are accurate in data and measurements too. Drones have an advantage over satellite photography in that they can fly at much lower altitudes if needed and get pictures with lot more clarity.


Find out how our innovative and latest Drone Photography can capture bird’s eye view your project or property in HQ imagery.

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