Chintamani Temple at Theur features fifth on the list of Ashtavinayak temples and is one of the most popular temples during Peshwa rule in Pune.

Chintamani temple                                                                                                                                                 Chintamani Temple

The location – About 27km to the east of Pune lies the town of Theur. To reach Theur, one has to travel along the Pune-Sholapur highway and then
take a left turn after crossing Loni. Road conditions are pretty good, making the journey smooth. Nearest railway station is Loni. The temple is
located at the confluence of Mula-Mutha and Bhima rivers.

The legend – The Ashtavinayak temples are ancient and naturally references are made to the temples in Puranas. The legend associated with this
temple is described in Mudgala Purana, that a greedy prince called Guna or Gana had once stolen the wish granting Chintamani jewel from sage
Kapila. Finding no way to retrieve the jewel, Rishi Kapila beseeched Lord Ganesha to help him. Lord Ganesha’s consort Siddhi then created a
thousand armed warrior named “Laksha” who singlehandedly ruined Gana’s army. Then Ganapati himself beheaded the arrogant prince Guna.
When Ganapati brought back the precious Chintamani jewel to the sage, Kapila didn’t take the jewel back, instead gifted it to Ganapati and
requested him to stay at that place. Thus Ganesha stayed back there as Chintamani Ganesha. Another legend says that Ganapati had pacified
the restless mind of Lord Brahma at this place, hence the name “Theur” originated from the Sanskrit word “sthavar” meaning stable.

Another story goes like this – Lord Indra had prayed to Ganapati at this place under the Kadamba tree to get rid of Rishi Gautama’s curse. This
place then came to be known as Kadambanagari.

Chintamani temple                                                                                                                                                    Chintamani temple

The temple story – Chintamani temple has historical significance as Peshwa Madhavrao I was a patron and frequent visitor to the temple. The
original temple had been built by Ganpatya saint Morya Gosavi and later renovated by Madhavrao I. His wife Rama Bai Peshwin was also a great
devotee. Madhavrao I breathed his last inside the temple complex. Chimaji Appa who was the brother of Peshwa Bajirao I had donated a big bell
to the temple which he had acquired as war booty after conquering Vasai fort from the Portuguese.

Chintamani Ganapati is believed to give peace of mind and remove all restlessness amongst his devotees. The idol is smeared with sindur and
sits in a cross-legged position with jewels studded on the surface. The Chintamani temple is comparatively larger than the other Ashtavinayak
temples and has a wooden sabha-mandapa or assembly hall constructed by Madhavrao I. Behind the temple stands the Peshwa wada or the
palace of the Peshwa.

The three main festivals celebrated here are Ganesha Prakatotsav (Ganesh Chaturthi), Maghotsav & Rama-Madhav Punyotsav. Apart from the
usual festivals at Ganesha temples, the Rama-Madhav Punyotsav is a special festival celebrated here. On the eighth day of Kartik month, the
death anniversary of Madhavrao I and his wife who performed sati is celebrated.

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Things to do around here – Only 13km away from Theur there is a beautiful temple called Ramdara, located beside a small lake at the foot of
the hills and is definitely worth a visit.