Hyperlocal Data Insights

Tellme offers you reports of detailed breakdown key factors aiding your customer cluster analysis mentioning the customer geographic, demographic and socio-economic conditions with minute information at pin code and/or locality for any part of India.

It does not matter which business you are in, whether you are a manufacturer, dealer, retailer – franchise or an events management agency or even an advertising firm. Our specialized methodology and machine learning algorithms help analyse tons of multidimensional hyperlocal data which then generates reports that we provide you with on a regular periodic basis so that you can take critical business decisions.

Data Products

Hyperlocal Insights Reports

Tellme Hyperlocal Insights Reports give you a detailed breakdown of customer geographic, demographic and socio-economic conditions at the granularity of pincode and/or locality for any part of India. The insight reports can be provided on a API as well.

Hyperlocal Data in a Box

If you are looking to license IPR protected and fully legal local data for your local business search or maps product, Indiacom Hyperlocal Data in a Box is for you.

Hyperlocal Insights API

Hyperlocal Insights API offers you tiered pricing for access to one of the most precious datasets in India – hyperlocal data comprising of millions of entities across India. This includes demographic and behavioural attributes, economic and affluence ranking and psychographic data of communities across pincodes / localities – all available to personalize your product.

Find out how you can benefit from our ‘Hyper Local Insights’ at Pan India level in taking important business location or marketing decisions.

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