Hyperlocal Data Insights

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With important attributes including name, well-structured addresses, latitude and longitude, contact phone, web site, and category-specific properties, TellMe provides hyperlocal data about enterprises, public amenities, tourist attractions, government sites, and contact centers, among other things. This data continuously collected and updated, is highly accurate, and is relevant to businesses. The REST API allows businesses to access this data as well. Or by getting in touch with the Contact and Reach team, which offers thorough consumer analysis reports, among others.

For organizations to make important decisions, the data can be further enhanced by macroeconomic specifics like geographic, demographic, and socioeconomic data.

Data Products

Hyperlocal Insights Reports

The TellMe Hyperlocal Insights Reports provide you with a thorough analysis of consumer’s geographic, demographic, and socioeconomic circumstances down to the locality and/or pin code level for any region of India. The insight reports may also be made available via an API. This can be invaluable in taking crucial decision of selection of location for setting up of a showroom or a service centre.

Hyperlocal Data in a Box

TellMe Hyperlocal Data in a Box is available on license for use. IPR-protected and frequently updated   local data is provided at as a cost effective solution for decision makers, marketers and logistics solution providers.

Hyperlocal Insights API

You can access one of the most valuable datasets in India, hyperlocal data, which is made up of millions of entities across the country, using the Hyperlocal Insights API. This includes socioeconomic and affluent rankings, psychographic data, and demographic and behavioral characteristics of communities across pin codes and localities—all of which are available to customize your product or solution in a cost effective manner.

See how our Pan India “Hyperlocal Insights” might help you when making critical placement or marketing decisions for your firm.

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