The famous frozen waterfall,at Drung, Baramulla District of Kashmir

Tucked away in the scenic district of Baramulla, Drung is Kashmir’s secret paradise that offers a serene and picturesque escape from the mainstream tourist trails. Known for its mesmerizing waterfalls, lush landscapes, and tranquil ambiance, Drung is a year-round destination that captivates with its winter snowscapes and summer greenery.

Why Drung Over Crowded Tourist Spots?

While places like Gulmarg and Pahalgam have their undeniable charm, Drung stands out for those seeking peace, natural beauty, and an intimate experience with Kashmir’s unparalleled landscapes. It’s a place where you can truly disconnect, relax, and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature.

Journey to the Heart of Serenity

Reaching Drung is an adventure in itself. Located about 40 kilometers from Srinagar, the most convenient way to arrive is by hiring a taxi or driving a private vehicle, allowing you to absorb the scenic beauty at your own pace. The journey through the winding roads of Kashmir is as breathtaking as the destination itself.

Travel Essentials

Stay Informed: Keep abreast of the local weather, as conditions can change rapidly, especially in winter.

  • Pack Smart: Whether visiting in summer or winter, layering your clothing is key due to the varying temperatures throughout the day.
  • Respect Nature: Drung’s beauty lies in its pristine environment. Ensure you leave no trace behind to preserve its charm for future visitors.

Embracing Kashmiri Hospitality

From cozy homestays nestled in the valley to guesthouses offering stunning views, Drung provides a range of accommodation options that let you experience genuine Kashmiri hospitality. These family-run places not only offer a comfortable stay but also provide an opportunity to enjoy local cuisine and culture. To fully enjoy what Drung has to offer, visiting between April and October for summer explorations or November to February for a winter wonderland experience is ideal. 

Local Finds and Ethical Shopping

Drung and its surroundings offer unique local crafts, including exquisite handwoven shawls, carpets, and intricate papier-mâché items. When shopping, it’s important to buy directly from artisans or reputable shops to ensure authenticity and support the local 


How do I get to Drung? The best route is via Srinagar, by road, leading you directly to Drung.

  • What are the must-see attractions? Drung is famous for its waterfalls, trout fishing experiences, and the tranquil Drung River.
  • Any special tips for visiting? Carry cash, as ATMs and card facilities may be limited in the area.

Exploring Beyond Drung

While in Drung, take the opportunity to explore nearby attractions such as the historic town of Gulmarg or the tranquil waters of the Wular Lake, each offering its own unique beauty and charm. Wular Lake, in Jammu and Kashmir’s Bandipora district, is one of Asia’s largest freshwater lakes. Serving as a vital ecological and hydrographic resource, it supports local fisheries, agriculture, and biodiversity, including migratory waterbirds. Seasonally varying in size, it offers scenic beauty and activities like boating, facing challenges like pollution and siltation. Conservation efforts aim to protect its natural and economic significance.