Bhor area is not just richly endowed by nature, the heritage and spiritual significance of the place is no less. It has some ancient temples,
birthplaces of famous figures and some historically important forts. Lets take a look at some of the most famous places in Bhor area.

Image of Nageshwar mandir located at Ambawade bhor taluka
                                                                                                Nageshwar mandir at Ambawade

Nageshwar mandir at Ambawade is an ancient Shiva temple which is visited by thousands of devotees every year. Legend has it that this temple
was built by the Pandavas and sage Namdeo had practiced great penances to Lord Shiva here. Shiva temples usually face east but it is believed
that Shiva himself turned the temple around so that he could see Namdeo, hence the temple faces west. The Panchakund water tank has a
perennial water supply.

An ancient Baneshwar Shiv mandir, surrounded by conserved wildlife sanctuary

                                                                                                  Baneshwar Shiv mandir at Nasarapur.

Another very famous temple is the Baneshwar Shiv mandir at Nasarapur. It’s located a little distance away from the Pune-Bangalore highway and
easily accessible. The temple was built in 1749 CE by Balaji Bajirao, son of Peshwa Bajirao. Apart from the beautiful architecture of the temple and
the water tanks in the courtyard, the big bell draws attention. It was brought here by Chimaji Appa after the battle of Bassein and is Portuguese in
origin. The area surrounding the temple is a conserved wildlife sanctuary and has a sizeable avian population. During monsoon a waterfall can be
seen behind the temple.

The 18th century’s Shivkalin Rajeshwar temple built in typical Maratha architectural style.

                                                                                                 Shivkalin Ranjeshwar mandir at Ranje

The Shivkalin Rajeshwar mandir at Ranje is one of the most ancient temples in the area. It dates back to early 18th century and is built in typical
Maratha architectural style with a distinctive octagonal ceiling. In front of this temple is the larger Sri Ranjheshwar mandir.

The view of Adabal Siddhanath temple at Dhangwadi

                                                                                                   Adabal Siddhanath temple at Dhangvadi

This temple has shikharas decorated with figures of ganas and dwarpalas and interesting fact is there are 3 statues of Nandi instead of 1. Inside
the temple complex there are 3 interconnected water tanks which fill up one by one.

The Inside view of Panchling Devasthan located at Morwadi bhor taluka

                                                                                                  Panchling Devsthan at Morwadi

Apart from these famous temples, there are others as well, dedicated to local deities

Image of Kalubai mandir located at Sangavi Budruk bhor taluka

                                                                                             Kalubai mandir at Sangavi Budruk

Front View of Amruteshwar mandir located at Mohari Budruk bhor taluka

                                                                                                  Amruteshwar mandir at Mohari Budruk

Adabal Siddhanath temple at Dhangvadi, Panchling Devsthan at Morwadi, Amruteshwar mandir at Mohari Budruk, Kalubai mandir at Sangavi Budruk
and Waghjai Devsthan at Wagajwadi
are also held in high reverence by the locals.


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